Phase III of FM Radio in India holds a lot of promise

With the Govt. keen on promoting FM Radio in Tier 2 and 3 cities, there is a huge buzz about the prospects for new entrants into the field of radio.

What will be the biggest advantage of Phase III expansion? Here we have listed them for you.

  • Reach into smaller towns and cities.
  • Huge scope for development for radio in India.
  • Tremendous boost to the fledgling industry.
  • Need for trained talent.
  • Opportunity for new-comers to get into various job options in radio.
  • Small businesses will get a chance to promote their products & services.
  • New programming trends will be witnessed.
  • Niche programming will rule the roost.
  • A mega business opportunity to enter the training business.

Overall, better days are here again, for radio.